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Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is possibly the symptom of an underlying medical issue.  Prior to considering any treatment option you should consult a physician trained in the evaluation of tinnitus.  If no medical issue was identified there are some medications, therapies, devices, support groups and counseling that may help. Despite these options there are many patients that may not have elimination or reduction in the tinnitus.

Medications: some anxiolytics and antidepressants help reduce the tinnitus. 

Alternative:    acupuncture, ginko biloba, zinc, niacin, lipoflavin

Hearing aids: these devices not only will help the hearing but actually reduce the tinnitus.

Masking Devices:  a hearing aid like device that introduces a white noise that is more soothing than the tinnitus. These devices used long term have been a staple in tinnitus treatment therapy(TRT)

Tinnitus Treatment Therapy(TRT):  a habituation therapy combining counseling and use of a masking device.  Effective but 12-24 month treatment.


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