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Why we started?

Our mission was to give access to masking devices to every patient with tinnitus. Most found them very difficult  to obtain or extremely expensive.


Why Tinnitus Relief ?

The organization was founded in 2012 by an ear, nose and throat specialist.  The company is dedicated to providing a quality, effective and affordable product.



".....After trying multiple supplements and acupuncture I began doing some research of maskers.  I purchased the BTE through TinnitusRelief and can now work in my quiet office without feeling that I am going INSANE!!" 


".....This device gives a calming white-noise that makes the discomfort of the sound in my ear tolerable. I actually feel the ringing has lessened in volume and frequency..."


"Although I still have the buzzing in my left ear, I am able to go about my day without the frustration and irritability I once felt."

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