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Time to consider the only treatment that has been shown medically proven to alleviate tinnitus.

If your tinnitus is affecting your sleep or concentration it is time to consider a masking device.

A masking device is a hearing aid-like apparatus that presents a white or pink noise into the ear.

Masking devices have repeated been shown throughout studies to be one of the best treatments to alleviate the discomfort and annoyance of tinnitus.  In fact, with consistent use it has been shown to permanently decrease or eliminate the tinnitus.


Two models are available.  BTE(behind-the-ear) and ITE(in-the-ear). They both have the same features and provide the same white-noise.  The selection of which is personal (aesthetics, comfort, etc)

Discrete design

Behind the ear or in the ear canal

Soft Ear Cushions

Allows using device without discomfort

Removable Domes

Easily replace domes and tubing

Rigid Construction

Hard sturdy body/frame.

Supreme Audio Quality

Pure white-noise with adjustable volume

Hard Storage Case

Design for easily storing in purse or pocket


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